Godtur.dk is an independent travel site where users can share and discuss everything in relation to traveling. Out motto is “share your experience, and get the most out of it”.

The site has existed since 2004, first as a personal website with information about my first real travel (almost) around the world, and was in January 2009 launched as a dedicated travel site open for all.

“God tur” in Danish means “Have a nice trip”. It is almost like a saying, and something we utter to each whenever one is leaving for a journey – no matter what size.

If you want to explore the site in English, you can do so by following this link to an English version of Godtur.dk, powered by Google Translate.

Godtur.dk is made by Niels Sorensen (profile name is npts) as a hobby, alongside with studies and work. If you have any criticism, praise, suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact me.

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You can get in touch with Niels and Godtur.dk by sending an email to:

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Godtur.dk in English

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Ca. 7 år siden

Dejlig behagelig måde at blive mindet om at reklamer er nødvendige på mange private hjemmesider, og jeg slog selvfølgelig addblok fra med det samme....... der var jo også en fin guide til hvordan.


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